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Thorough, Clear, Concise, Professional

When you require the services of a certified home inspector at an affordable price, call Hiawatha Home Inspection.  I am a member of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors and all of my inspections meet or exceed the NACHI Standard of Practice.  We are fully insured in the State of Michigan and serve the Central Upper Peninsula.  We take pride in our professionalism and look forward to serving you by providing an unbiased, thorough inspection, followed by a timely and concise report.

Our Philosophy

Marquette Home Inspections

Same-day Reports

​We realize that in a transaction such a Real Estate time is of the essence and we deliver our reports the same day for that reason.  Hiawatha Home Inspections utilizes Home Gauge reporting software and performs the inspection using a custom Android tablet to ensure that nothing is missed or overlooked.  In addition, the tablet captures photos directly into the report increasing the turn around time to our clients.  If you prefer to have the report printed, a color copy will be presented to you at no additional charge.​  ​

If you are unhappy with my service and I cannot make it right.  I will refund you your inspection fee and pay for another inspection from a home inspector of your choice.​

200% Guarantee


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