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Marquette Home Inspections

I appreciate the opportunity to introduce my self to you.  My name is Michael Sauer and I am the owner and inspector at Hiawatha Home Inspections, LLC.  I am a fully certified and insured inspector with InterNACHI, and have 15 years of experience in project management, and 10 years of construction and remodeling experience.  I started HHI because I love homes and enjoy working with people.  I am a born educator and I use that talent in my approach to the inspection process.  I take great pride as a home inspector in making sure that my report is detailed and thorough.  I utilize color digital pictures and diagrams that bring clarity to the narrative, providing the client with the knowledge and confidence to proceed with their purchase.  I am absolutely certain that you will be impressed with our services and professional manor in which we treat our clients.

Working with You for the Client

You will notice the difference from our first communication.  Our goal is to foster open and concise communication from the start to the end of your inspection.  During the inspection we answer client's questions and make sure we are explaining how the systems of the home operate.  The condition of the home will be presented in layman's terms that you can understand.  The inspection report will be uploaded to a secure web-site where you can view it up to five years. As an agent you can create an account at homegauge website when you go to view the report, simply upload your contact information and photo.  With that done the client will see your contact information next to their report any time they view the report.

Thorough, Concise, Professional

Fully Vested and Always Promoting Marquette

  • Past President & current committee member of the Noquemanon Trail Network ( 7 Years )
  • Past Secretary of the Marquette Yacht Club ( 5 Years)
  • Sat on the Marquette Harbor Advisory Committee ( 3 Years)
  • Past Board Member of Michigan Audubon ( 5 Years)
  • Licensed Emergency Medical Technician and First Responder ( 12 Years)

Prelisting Inspections

Home inspections have always been driven by a buyer.  Unfortunately the homeowner usually receives a list of repairs and inflated estimates from the buyer.  This order of process has always caused frustrations for all parties, including the agents.  If the order is reversed, the seller initiates the inspection, allowing the owner/seller to make repairs or collect solid cost estimates for all anticipated deficiencies. 

I am currently offering a special on prelisting inspections.  Please call me if you believe this will be a benefit to your seller.   (906) 235-9402

For Agents

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